How The Bail Bonds Process Works – Info

The process is likely to seem extremely foreign to those who have never needed to hire an expert bail bondman. Finding someone you care about was arrested and detained can be one of the most stressful things you ‘re ever going to experience. It is important to try to stay calm in this sort of situation. A bail bond is just that- a trust. It’s a contractual text, legally. You’ll want to make sure you ask lots of questions so you’ll better understand the responsibilities of your and the defendant once the bond is released. View us on Connecticut Bail Bonds Group.

How to fix bail

When a person is arrested they will be taken to the jail for booking and processing. The felony in which they are charged will be applied against the bail system for the county during this period. This is a document set up annually by a panel of judges and it tells the jail every bail amounts to allocate to what crimes.

The defendant has two choices once bail is set. The first is to post bail so that a pre-trial release is secured. The second is behind bars to wait it out. If there is no cash bail or bail bond issued, the defendant will need to stay in jail until the case has been settled. Many citizens prefer choice one. It helps the offender to return to their home, jobs or education and to continue their everyday life before they have to go to court.

The Care

The method is much faster and simpler than you would imagine. Some businesses also allow their customers to complete the necessary paperwork via fax and e-mail. The bondsman will have to ask you several quick , easy questions about the defendant where they live and the nature of the crime to which they are charged. A custom bail-bond contract will be prepared from there. Filling out this document takes around 10 minutes. Once the paperwork is complete and payment arrangements have been made, a bondman will be dispatched to the jail for posting the bond. California bail bonds can be made available 24 hours a day , 7 days a week.

One bondman’s expense

The cost of buying California bail bonds is fixed by CA State Insurance Department. That rate is set at 10 per cent. If a bail was set at $10,000, you can expect to pay $1,000 to buy a bond. This holds true regardless of in which city, state, county or town a person was arrested. No matter what a person’s being held in California jail, the cost of buying bail bonds would be the same.

Many bondholders also seek post collateral from clients. Some need this only under such conditions. Be sure to ask the bondman you’re talking to, if the company they’re working for requires collateral.

What you need to know regarding bail bonds

When you sign a bail bonds contract you take responsibility first and foremost, the defendant will go to court. If the defendant wants to escape and can not be found within six months, they will have to pay the entire bail amount as a punishment to the bondman and the person who signed the contract. If collateral is posted it will be deemed forfeited. The good news is that the national bond skip rate is below 2%.