Dealing With The Building Inspector

Owner-builders typically get anxious as their proposal is shown by the building inspector. I believe they foresee problems (he’s there to find blame, he’s going to ruin the job momentum of growth, that’s going to cost me more money). If you have developed a relationship with your inspector and made him or her part of your building team, those fears are nonsense.

Many inspectors are skilled , experienced and have themselves spent a few years in the construction industry. We are required to insure that the structure adheres to standards and municipal laws and regulations. The building needs to be properly built for the health of both present and future occupants. If you are building in earthquake zones, you will have a lot more seismic devices and precautions than someone in stable sandy soil doing a project.Do you want to learn more? Visit How to buy a used house

The foundations for a beach-made building would be substantially different from one constructed in the mountains on a mountainous slope. Regional construction officials are informed of their area’s unique circumstances and how best to cope with them. If you look positively at their expertise, and even ask their advice or feedback once in a while, you can consider they can be a valuable asset to complete your project.

Chat with the supervisor. Find out from the start what are their core concerns? This will go a long way to improve the partnership with the contractor and the construction agency they serve. Keep in mind that it’s the on-site contractor who will finally authorize the project completion and register the final inspection.

So use the building inspector as an owner-builder to help you move things along and anticipate any problems that may be headed off before they happen. NEVER develop an adversarial relationship especially with your inspector! Don’t be an all-know-all. Arguing, threatening or trying to show them that you know more about the construction business than they do, will earn you a very long list of corrections.

Never hide job that needs inspection. I have witnessed a number of people having to remove drywall or roofing because they were too impatient, or forgot to schedule an inspection. Some inspectors will allow you to proceed without a formal inspection, depending on the circumstances, but first you have to talk to them and get verbal approval. Kommunikation is that.